Geometry Dash Apk V2.111 [LATEST] Version Download FREE for Android

Geometry Dash Apk is one of the best games that can play online this year. You can also download Geometry Dash apk to play on your Android phone. Geometry Dash Online is a platform where your purpose is to dodge the different obstacles that appear on the screen as you move forward.

If you are a fan of Flappy Bird or other similar games, then Geometry Dash will be your last favorite. Below are some more features that make this game one of the best games on the Android platform in 2017.

Download Geometry Dash for Android

App Name: Geometry Dash Apk
File Type: APK
File Size: 74.9MB
APK Version: v2.111 [Update]

Geometry Dash is a high-octane side-scrolling adventure with a great soundtrack. A colorful and addictive epic of fun and spectacularly challenging this popular game to blow up the challenge and even gravity is over. Music beating plays an important role in reaching the end of each level as part of the rhythm-style style of the game.

Install Geometry Dash APK for Android

1.Now download Geometry Dash Apk from this link.
2.When the download is complete, open the newly installed Android emulator. Now load / install the downloaded APK file from the above link.
3.You will usually have an option to install an Apk in emulator options. If you can not find it there, open the file manager and locate the newly downloaded apk file. Now open it and you should get a prompt to install the file using your Android emulator.
4.In some emulators, you only have to leave the Apk file on the emulator. Installation will start automatically.


Geometry Dash Free Online is very fun. Create new levels, challenge your friends, and play games on your favorite device. You can download it for Android or you can choose to play it online in your browser without downloading any file.

Geometry Dash iOS Download – Install Geometry Dash on iPhone/iPad

Geometry Dash iOS Download Game is the best running game in iOS, which was released in 2013 by the Robot Top Games. Many people have had simple problems when we install that game on our iPhone/iPad devices. So here we have written a small guide from which you can install Geometry Dash Full Version Free IOS.

Geometry Dash iOS can be downloaded directly from our official website as well as from iTunes Store.
The original value of the geometry dash on iTunes was $ 1.99, but from our website, you can download Geometry Dash Free IOS version without any problem being safe and fast.

Geometry Dash Free iOS Version

App Name: Geometry Dash for iOS
File Type: APK
File Size: 92 MB
APK Version: v2.11 [Update]

Features of Geometry Dash Full Version Free iOS

1.New mission with various excellent soundtracks
2.We can build our own custom level using Mission Builder.
3.As soon as your rank grows, you’ll unlock new icons and different colors to customize your character in game.
4.Practice more convenience where you can practice quickly and sharpen your skills.
5.New levels, new accomplishments and different types of rewards
6.Completely free, no other fees apply.
7.Cadence based action game.

How to Get Geometry Dash for Free iOS

1.Unlock your iPhone / iPad / iPod to download Geometry Dash 2.1 version for iOS.
2.Open the iPhone menu and you’ll get an iTunes application.
3.Tap on the iTunes App and then tap on the search bar and type Geometry Dash iOS Download.
4.This will show you the search results, first select and tap on the download.
5.Wait for it to download, it will be installed automatically after downloading.
6.Once it is installed, you will see the Geometry Dash Game on your iPhone / iPad / iPod menu, tap on that game and the game will start.
7.Enjoy the rhythm-based action game.


So far, we have shown you how to easily download and install the Geometry Dash iOS version for free step-by-step and some related instructions. If you have found any type of query in this game, then you can comment below and we will do our best to help you.

Geometry Dash For PC Download & Install on Windows 8.1/8/10/7 & Mac

Geometry Dash for PC : Once you follow the tasks given below, it will be very helpful that you understand how to download and install the game quickly on your Windows device. This game contains 20 exciting levels, in which you will be able to build and share your own! If you collide, you should start your game from the beginning.A lot of addictive games have been made available in the Google Play Store, and many are easy to play with. So we have written a small guide on Geometry Dash Free Download PC Edition which can help you play Geometry Dash APK on your PC.

Download Geometry Dash for PC

According to parents’ analysis, it has been found that this game is extremely entertaining and challenging, especially in the Geometry Dash 2.0 APK version. Since the game is not available directly to download, you should first go to the official site and download the game to your Blackberry device. If you want to download geometry dash free, you are in the right place.

Before coming into the game, it is better to understand the latest version available so that you can download it. There is a paid game on the App Store, which is available for every game, you can find it here for free.

It is possible to practice your skills before starting the game. Jumping into a geometry dash is not an easy effort, extra time capabilities are needed.

Geometry Dash for PC

App Name: Geometry Dash for iOS
File Type: APK
File Size: 512 MB
APK Version: Windows XP/vista/7/8/10

It is possible to practice your skills before starting the game. Jumping into a geometry dash is not an easy effort, extra time capabilities are needed. You will have the ability to level according to your needs. You should work at every level to complete the level with many awards in your Kitty. As soon as you finish a task, it is going to unlock different levels and mixed icons for you.

Geometry Dash Apk Free Download PC Version Steps

1.First of all you have to download BlueStacks from your official website.
2.After downloading Bluestacks, you have to install it on your Windows computer
3.Once it’s installed, restart your PC and then start the Bluestack application on your system
4.After the application has begun, you now have to go to the same menu as using your Android smart phone
5.After opening the menu, tap on Play Store and tap Geometry Dash free download PC and download button in that search
6.Wait for it to download and after the download is complete. Geometry Dash Free Download PC version will be installed
7.After the installation, open your menu and you will make the download version of the Geometry Dash PC, click on it and the Geometry Dash apk will start. Pick up the game


To prepare your degree, you can go through the editing options, where you can get a Create menu. Geometry Dash for PC is a practice mode in the Dash Free game so that to unlock the whole collection of achievements it is completely viable to fulfill your skill.You can use the practice mode to fulfill your abilities. The practice mode of the game helps children to accelerate their skills. To click on the flag button simply click on the flag button or press F which means that you have entered the mode of practice. There is also a practice mode to create the skills that begin with the exact same port.